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VanBuskirk Companies

For more than 40 years, Van Buskirk Companies has been building dreams for people across the Sioux Falls region. Van Buskirk specializes in real estate, property development, property management, apartment leasing and commercial construction. The company develops, manages and brokers some of the area's premier residential neighborhoods and commercial developments, and also offers luxury and corporate apartment rentals in Sioux Falls, Mitchell, Watertown and South Sioux City.

With property development at the center of their business, VanBuskirk wanted their website to have a residential mapping application that would make it easier for them to update neighborhoods when lots sold or additional lots became available.

When Team 44i started working with the VanBuskirk website, the company’s residential maps were in Flash, they were extremely time-consuming to update, and the maps wouldn't even display on most Apple products. Our team made it so that CAD (drawing files) could be converted as PNGs and then uploaded in the content management system to make graphic overlays. Coordinates can then be set for the neighborhood to integrate with Google maps. The residential neighborhoods can be viewed in both map and satellite mode, and, depending on the neighborhood, can be explored via the Google street view feature.  

We also created and integrated writable PDF applications for each apartment complex. The apartment complex pages feature virtual tour integration and news articles are posted on the site to provide the latest information on all of VanBuskirk's residential and commercial properties.

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