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Crestliner Boats

Crestliner Boats is a national "all aluminum" fishing boat manufacturing company that wanted to increase the number of leads generated from their website traffic. In support of their traditional and online marketing efforts, we were tasked with inceasing leads through the power of banner retargeting. 

Statistically we know that 92% of website visitors won't convert. Whether that's making an online purchase, filling out contact or quote forms, or requesting a catalog, the majority of website visitors simply leave after viewing a website.

Leveraging our state of the art programmatic banner advertising DSP platform, we were able to effectively target site visitors with a free catalog offer using banner retargeting. This technology allows to follow lost visitors as they navigate the web and deliver highly targeted ads.

For this partifular campaign we delivered 616,451 banner ad impressions and 944 banner ad clicks / .153% CTR.

Of most importance however was the number of leads we generated for Crestliner from our efforts.

1,370 Leads were obtained, a staggering .223% conversion ratio, which means Crestliner as a result of this campaign has many more customer prospects in its database to market to and assign to the dealer nearest them. Leads that would otherwise have just came and went without moving further down the sales funnel.

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