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Aerial Video & Photography

The skillful and responsible piloting of drones has opened many opportunities to capture fantastic and compelling video like never before. It’s now common to see drone video footage in just about everything you watch online and on TV, and our clients are now enthusiastically embracing drone video as a substantial component of their digital marketing campaigns as well as traditional uses.

The reason is simple… we can’t stop watching when we see things from a unique, aerial perspective!

We captivate the viewer’s attention and provide a breathtaking experience from many vantage points above, around, and inside your event or property. If there is an angle from the air that needs to be videoed, we will capture it. A drone’s perspective takes a commercial shoot to a whole new level, literally. We provide both ground level and drone footage for a perfect combination to promote your business or products well!

All drone work performed by 44i is done under the guidelines of the Federal Aviation Regulations, enacted on August 29th, 2016.

YOUR BUSINESS/LOCATION/PROPERTY:  Your property, grounds and business exterior can only be truly showcased from the air. Drone video is perfect for highlighting all exterior features and amenities of any property, which is a natural fit to enhance all forms of digital marketing. On your website, for example, drone video can be integrated to showcase your signature features from an entirely new perspective. It can and should also be use used on your Social Media platforms as well as incorporated into your digital marketing as pre-roll video.

REAL ESTATE:  If you’re in the real estate industry, drone video and photography is truly a game-changer when it comes to showcasing your properties! Drone video allows real estate marketers to be more creative and innovative by using angles and shots that weren’t previously practical, often at a much lower cost. Drone photos and videos give you the upper hand when it comes to marketing to a potential buyer or investor. Professional photos and videos enables you to have a potential 28% increase in leads.

GOLF COURSES:  44i also has specialized expertise in the ability to capture golf courses from above with drone video that is engaging, breathtakingly beautiful, affordable, and provides a wonderful way to showcase the course. Drone video captures the essence of what will face most golfers by highlighting shots and hazards they'll face as they play your course. Additionally, it gives a great geographic perspective of your course's overall layout and location - whether it’s along a waterway, situated in mountains, hills or bluffs, within a city, or a remote location.

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